Grow Your Profits -Marketing Secrets
That Really Work

Running a small building business, we were looking for some marketing advice to help move the business forward. In ‘Grow Your Profits’ we found just this. Well written, easy to follow, clear, step by step guidance. It’s brilliant ! We are already seeing positive results and cannot recommend this book highly enough.’ Sue James, Robin James Builders Ltd

‘As an owner of a small B2B business located in San Diego I am required to make online marketing decisions every day that affect my business outcome. Without any formal training, I was looking for a book that would organize the incredible volume of information regarding online marketing strategies and present it in an easily readable and actionable format. This book has achieved this and more.This is a must read book for busy business owners/entrepreneurs looking for a ‘how to guide’ to successful online marketing. Susan Coll, Innovive Inc

‘Congratulations on an excellent and informative book…and for the continuing inspiration!’ Gretchen Peterson, USA

‘Grow Your Profits’ tells in very plain English how to make the internet work for you. Its not as easy as setting up e retail store and let it do the work. There are a few key marketing and merchandising strategies that need to be worked on constantly. If one is to keep ahead of the competition and up to date with e commerce then this book is a must. I found it very helpful and extremely easy to follow.’ Jessica Barkley, Jessica Barkley Designs

Grow Your Profits - online marketing book by Hanan Kattan
From author and EBS Digital founder, Hanan Kattan:

When I started out in business, I was eager, passionate and ready to take on the world. And I learned a lot along the way. Experience is really the best teacher in many ways.


But there were many things that I just wish someone had told me earlier. Particularly when it comes to online marketing, which many of us look at as something a bit mysterious that should somehow magically solve any downward trend or stagnation in our businesses.

In fact, online marketing does present a truly phenomenal opportunity to make much more money than you’ve ever made before – but it is a process. It needs a series of steps to be implemented and it needs consistency.

‘Grow Your Profits’ is my way of putting those processes into an easy to follow guide that makes the sometimes overwhelming world of web development, ethical SEO, messaging and effective online marketing clear and simple to understand.

The ebook is available on Kindle if you like the feel of a paper book, as we all sometimes do, physical copies are available from Amazon US or Amazon UK.