Web Design and Development

There are 2 things that set us apart when we design and develop:

1. We deliver your design files and site code when we’ve completed your site, so you stay with us for upgrades and updates only if you’re happy. We don’t hold you hostage.

2. We look at your website as a tool to grow your business.

Great web design is not just about  a certain ‘look’. Your branding is important, but here are the questions everyone asks subconsciously when they visit your site:

  • Is this site credible?
  • Is this business trustworthy?
  • Is this company stable and honest?
  • Do I feel welcomed here?
  • Am I in the right place?
  • Can this business give me what I want?

These are the questions your web design should answer for everyone of your site visitors.

An attractive and easy to use website with clear content keeps casual visitors on your site and help increase conversion of visitors to customers.

As an SEO oriented, leading web designing company in USA and UK, our web design process closely follows the guidelines set by the search engines to enable faster indexing and better rankings. Most webmasters have to make major changes in code when SEO is done on their sites. You don’t have to face that issue as your site will be completely SEO ready.

On average, 70% of people leave a site before moving past the home page. This is a ‘bounce rate’ and installing Google Analytics on your site can tell you your bounce rate. If your’s is high, you are losing potential customers too early. Contact us by clicking here and we will take a look at your site and see if we can help.